That One Kid: How to Deal

temper tantrum

Every dance teacher, at one time or another, has taught that one kid. Whether it’s a one-time occurrence, or a weekly problem, it never ceases to amaze me how one child can disrupt the flow of an entire dance class. This little disruption can take many forms. Continue reading


1, 2…5!

1, 2, 5!

1, 2, 5!

Children are loud. Often, it’s not that they’re willfully disobeying the direct order to “GO TO YOUR LINE,” it’s just that they can’t hear you over their own chatter. However, almost all children, without fail, know what counting means. When they start to hear “One…Two…” they know that “Three” is coming. What is coming after three? I don’t really know. They don’t really know. But, neither of us really wants to find out. They almost always get to that line before three. Continue reading